Me Made May – Days 13-21

Here’s what I wore! As you can see, I started to fall back into my dress and cardigan routine. It’s just such an easy outfit to put together!

May13 May14
Day 13: Summer Top – Day 14: Miette #1 + Cotton Skirt
May15 May16
Day 15: Miette #1 + Red Crop Top – Day 16: Red Circle Skirt
May17 May18
Day 17: Elsa – Day 18: Such Flattering Puff Sleeves + Wool Skirt
May19 May20
Day 19: Miette #2 + Vogue 8766 – Day 20: Myrna
Day 21: Blue Cardigan






4 responses to “Me Made May – Days 13-21”

  1. Loving your yarny Me Made May! I especially like that red circle skirt and the stripey t shirt. I have a couple of warm weather knits, but they either don’t fit my style now, or they don’t fit at all and need to be unraveled and reknit into something wearable or just given away! Of course, you can wear wool in the spring in Seattle! I might not be able to do that in Virginia!

    1. Living in Seattle definitely makes it easier. You can even wear wool in the summer here! We only get about a month of truly hot weather.

  2. I’m jealous of all of these cardigans. I know I have a closet full, but I could probably squeeze in a few of these…

    1. You know, cropped cardigans don’t take up a lot of space. Haha!

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