As I was staring disappointedly at my crooked topstitching and badly inserted zipper last night, I thought to myself, “Well, it’s nice to know that somethings never change.” And then I wondered why I had expected that to have changed. The last time I sewed something that wasn’t a repair job or modification was in 2010, I think. After I remembered that I became much more satisfied with my poorly made skirt.


I always make jokes about how I only sew with circles and rectangles, but that’s a little too accurate to really be a joke anymore. This was made entirely out of rectangles. The construction is incredibly simple. I cut the waistband to be the circumference of my waist plus seam allowance and ease, and I made it twice as tall as I wanted it to be plus seam allowance. I was too generous with the ease, and it is a little loose in the waist, but it’s not terribly noticeable. I’m not very good at judging ease for this kind of project. I didn’t have a lot of fabric to work with so I took what was left after I made made the waistband, cut it in half, and gathered it up to be the skirt. The belt loops were made from scraps from the waistband. It’s not perfect, but it’s totally wearable, and that’s what counts.


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