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  • Wainthropp – A New Cardigan Pattern

    Wainthropp – A New Cardigan Pattern

    I’m really happy about finally being able to share Wainthropp, my new cardigan pattern, with you because the release date for this poor cardigan kept getting moved around! I had been planning on taking photos of it in October, but the remnants of a tsunami hit western Washington the weekend I was going to take […]

  • Floral Linen Circle Skirt

    A few years ago, a bolt of beautiful floral linen caught my eye when I went to the fabric store for thread. It was pretty pricey and I had never sewn with linen, so I resisted it the first time. The next time I went in for some bias tape, it was still there and […]

  • Nosegay Vest

    It’s been a month since I finished my Nosegay Vest for the Nosegay Vest KAL, but that’s how long it took me to get the thing blocked and photographed. I drag my projects around everywhere, so a proper wash and block is always necessary before I like to wear a FO. I knit the pattern […]

  • A Striped Butterick 5748

    A Striped Butterick 5748

    I finished my dress over the weekend and naturally had to wear it first thing on Monday. It turned out pretty great! I cut out a size 12 this time, and I used a narrower seam allowance to get something halfway in between a 12 and a 14. It’s much closer to my ideal fit […]

  • A Finished Cardigan

    Allergies have turned my brain to pudding, but I wanted to share my most recent finished cardigan, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. The yarn is Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio DK, and it was knit on a US8/5mm needles to make an airier fabric.