Floral Linen Circle Skirt

A few years ago, a bolt of beautiful floral linen caught my eye when I went to the fabric store for thread. It was pretty pricey and I had never sewn with linen, so I resisted it the first time. The next time I went in for some bias tape, it was still there and still tempting. The third time I went in for buttons a few months later, it was still there and my ability to resist had worn off. I bought a few yards, planning on making a circle skirt for a wedding in Hawaii that I was going to that summer. I got started a few weeks before the trip, but a family emergency led me to drop everything and go to California for a little bit at the last minute, and the skirt didn’t get finished.

Linen_Circle_Back Linen_Circle_Front

I have no real explanation why the skirt sat around unfinished for almost two years, but it did. Then one day I was trying to plan outfits for a pattern shoot, and I realized that this skirt would work perfectly, so I finally got motivated to finish it. All it needed was to be hemmed, have the waist band attached, and for a zipper to be inserted. There was one mystery but I just worked around it. For some reason the lining is 5-6 inches shorter than the outer fabric. I just can’t figure out what I had been planning. I never do deep hems on circle skirts, and I don’t like my summer skirts to be very short. It might have simply been a measuring or cutting error, but it was too long ago for me to remember. I tried it on and decided that the too-short lining wasn’t causing problems so it could stay that way. I used my rolled-hem foot on both layers because it’s now my favorite way to hem circle skirts, and this beauty was perfect for pattern photos.







3 responses to “Floral Linen Circle Skirt”

  1. It’s LOVELY! Oh my gosh, that fabric.

    1. Thank you!

  2. That is a glorious skirt!

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