I meant to make this skirt ages ago. I bought the fabric in January, I think. I got it out to sew and pre-shrunk it when I was home for spring break but I never got the time to sew. I finally cranked out this skirt in between knitting projects. I kept telling myself that I’d do some sewing after this one last knitting project but then I would cast on something new as soon as I cast off! Oops.


There were three big hang ups with this projects but they weren’t a big deal for the most part. First I couldn’t find the zipper that I originally bought for this project. My mom was nice enough to buy me a zipper and pick me up some bias tape for the hem. Problem number two was that I grossly underestimated how much bias tape I would need. I didn’t notice until 15 minutes after our local craft store closed. I had to wait but that was fine because half an hour later I blew up the iron. Yup. The cord was damaged (my dad thinks it had gotten crushed under something heavy) and when I stepped on it some wires touched. It sparked and melted a spot on our floor. I’m so glad that I was wearing shoes.


I did the hem with bias tape. I love circle skirts but I hate hemming them. Bias tapes makes it a thousand times easier. I won’t show you the zipper. It is a hot mess because this is the first time that I’ve put in a zipper like this. It looks fine if you don’t look closely at it and it works which is what counts.

The skirt is a little wrinkly because I wore it for a drive to my LYS. I seriously thought it was Tuesday but it isn’t and my LYS was closed. I went and bought bubble tea and watched Sherlock with my sister instead.


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