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  • Me Made May Days 22-31

    Here is the last batch of Me Made May outfits! I’m amazed that I got all of them photographed and only have two days where I didn’t take a picture of myself wearing the outfit. I really got sick of photographing myself at the end, but I enjoyed the challenge of making myself incorporate something […]

  • Me Made May – Days 13-21

    Here’s what I wore! As you can see, I started to fall back into my dress and cardigan routine. It’s just such an easy outfit to put together! Day 13: Summer Top – Day 14: Miette #1 + Cotton Skirt Day 15: Miette #1 + Red Crop Top – Day 16: Red Circle Skirt Day 17: […]

  • Me Made May – Days 3-12

    Ready for a big outfit recap? Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately for Me Made May. Day 3: Chuck – Day 4: Geraldine + Wool Skirt Day 5: Hetty + Vogue 8766 – Day 6: Marion + Cotton Skirt Day 7: Aiken – Day 8: Myrna (The pattern will be available Friday.) Day 9: From […]

  • Me Made May Days 1-2

    I’ve always wanted to participate in Me Made May, but wearing at least one piece of handmade clothing everyday during a warmer month seemed kind of impossible. Although I wear handmade clothing everyday in the winter, I don’t make myself warm-weather pieces very often. On Twitter I was muttering about how I need to sew […]