Me Made May Days 22-31

Here is the last batch of Me Made May outfits! I’m amazed that I got all of them photographed and only have two days where I didn’t take a picture of myself wearing the outfit. I really got sick of photographing myself at the end, but I enjoyed the challenge of making myself incorporate something handmade into warm weather outfits. The biggest gaps I found in my wardrobe were light tops and bottoms that work well in breezy weather. Full skirts just don’t play nice with the wind. I also realized that I’m lazy and would rather wear a dress and cardigan than deal with separates. So basically I need to sew more of everything. That’s not much of a surprise. In the knitting department, I could use another neutral colored cropped cardigan. My grey Hetty got worn a lot more than I expected because it goes with everything.

May22 May23

Day 22: Miette #2 – Day 23: Myrna

May24 May25

Day 24: Armande – Day 25: Marion

May26 May27

Day 26: Yellow Circle Skirt + Audrey in Unst – Day 27: Miette #1 + Bulky Lace Cowl

May28 May29

Day 28: Marion – Day 29: Hetty #2 + Crocheted Shawl

May30 May31

Day 30: Butterick 4685 (Blog post coming next week) – Day 31: Hetty #2






7 responses to “Me Made May Days 22-31”

  1. Tina

    They’re all awesome, I especially like Armande and Hetty. Very cool.

  2. Elizabeth

    I love it all! I have a dress with that striped material somewhere in my closet. I just love it and it’s so soft! I need to find it and wear it. 🙂 I got your two sweater patterns Miette and Myrna. I’ve never made a sweater before so I am going to attempt to make these for my daughter and daughter-in-law. My dd wants RED she said and my diL wants purple. I found the purple but not the red yet. Trying to decide. Thanks so much for the patterns!

  3. I love seeing the “original” cardigans being worn! I don’t think you have worn your Agatha for MMM. Any reason for this? I would like to hear a round up post of your thoughts on MMM although your cardi’s do seem pretty versatile.

    1. I wasn’t really trying to wear all of my sweaters. Agatha didn’t get worn because it makes outfits look very autumnal. I also didn’t wear any of my purple sweaters because they feel more wintery to me.

      My general thoughts on MMM are at the top of this post. Not much else to say!

  4. Can we talk about your sailor pants for a minute?! Adorable.

    You did a great job incorporating your knitting into warm weather outfits. I’ve just starting crocheting/knitting warm weather clothes myself.

    And that top you sewed looks wicked cute. I love rick rack!

    1. Oh, those sailor pants! I’m still not sure how I feel about them.

  5. Hilary

    What lovely pictures, has cheered my day up no end, thank you! Especially love Marion and Hetty, beautiful dresses too.

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