Last time I visited my parents, I did a little digging through my mom’s fabric stash, and I found this floral cotton. It happened to match a knitting project I was planning, and my mom told me I could have it so I took it home with me to make it into a skirt. I was hoping to make a circle skirt, but there was just barely too little yardage, so I went with a simple gathered skirt instead.


The skirt turned out surprisingly nice for how sloppy of a sewist I am. I probably did the best job I’ve done in a long time installing the zipper, and the skirt came together quite easily for me. I didn’t have to rip out any seams or redo anything. My only minor complaint is that I’d prefer it to be a little longer, but that wasn’t an error due to sloppiness. I wanted the skirt to be the same length as my favorite red circle skirt and cut accordingly, but I didn’t think about the fact that fuller skirts end higher on your leg even when the fabric is technically the same length because they angle away from your body instead of hanging straight down. It only looks two or three inches shorter so it’s not a big deal, but it was a good reminder to think a little more about how my fabric will behave before breaking out the scissors!


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