Day03 Day04
Day 3: Gather Skirt – Day 4: Audrey in Unst + Striped Butterick 5748
Day05 Day06
Day 5: New Cardigan – Day 6: New Cardigan + Vogue 8766
Day07 Day08
Day 7: Fair Isle Yoke  – Day 8: Marion
Day 9: Red Circle Skirt


  • I’m looking forward to your blue cardi pattern coming out. I was planning the Miette next but I may delay it for that one! I love your Fair Isle Yoke sweater as well.

  • Nice to see Audrey in Unst in action! It’s been in my pattern queue for ages, but this might just be the push I needed to finally make it.

  • I absolutely love your sense of style and your designs! So inspiring! Haven’t been doing much crafting lately due to a recent move, but every time I see one of your posts it reminds me of what I’m missing out on and makes me want to get stitchin’. Thanks!

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