I finished my dress over the weekend and naturally had to wear it first thing on Monday. It turned out pretty great! I cut out a size 12 this time, and I used a narrower seam allowance to get something halfway in between a 12 and a 14. It’s much closer to my ideal fit than the straight 14 I made, although it could probably be a pinch more snug.

Butterick5748_Stripes_FO_01 Butterick5748_Stripes_FO_02

The outer striped fabric is a cotton shirting, and I lined with with voile. The whole thing is just buttery soft. Yesterday was warm enough to skip the tights, and this dress felt so nice brushing against my legs as I walked home from my knitting group last night. I just want to wear this everyday forever.

Butterick5748_Stripes_FO_03 Butterick5748_Stripes_FO_04

Honestly, the only thing I’m not 100% happy with with this dress is the waist seam. I used around four yards of fabric in the skirt, and I had a rough time handling it all and getting that seam straight. After a few tries, I finally gave up because I wear a belt almost everyday, and it wasn’t worth the frustration. Next time I make this pattern, I’m definitely going back to the circle skirt! It caused a lot less anger.


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