Sewing for a Knitting Pattern

Despite finishing the sweater ages ago and having it totally tech edited, I kept procrastinating on taking the pattern photos for my blue cardigan with lace panels. I have a handful of dresses that I could wear with it, but none of them shouted “spring” like I wanted them to. I spent a long time debating which one to wear and never really decided on a winner because none of my options were quite right. But then this weekend I went to the fabric store for some bias tape, and I spotted this lime green striped fabric and realized what I needed to do. If I didn’t have the right dress in my wardrobe, I just needed to make it!


So here we are. I’m using the bodice from Butterick 5748, and I’m going to swap the circle skirt for a simple gathered skirt. I spent some time debating between vertical and horizontal stripes for the skirt, and I think I’m going to go with horizontal stripes on the skirt and vertical on the bodice. I threw the question out there on Instagram when I was trying to make up my mind and had a lot of suggestions to cut the skirt on the bias and create a chevron effect, but that’s not really my style.


It should be a pretty quick, simple project, but it opens the door to what might become a bad habit. This is my first time sewing a dress just for a pattern photoshoot, and I suspect it won’t be the last.





4 responses to “Sewing for a Knitting Pattern”

  1. Elaine in Chicago

    I’ve “been thinking about sewing” for a few months now and have some beautiful linen as well as Koka cotton print with a Vespa. Your adventures in sewing are inspiring me to finally get started!

  2. Ann

    Good for you!!! Go for it, Ive been dressmaking and knitting for over 51 years now (making my first dress at 12) cause Im short in the waist “Shop Bought” frocks never fitted me properly and then I discovered that I could make a dress for relatively very very little in comparison to the shop bought ones. Not only do you get the right fit for your body but you also get the choice of pattern/fabric that you like and always feel extra special when you wear your garment. Cant wait to see you wearing this, love the fabric/colour/design…………… my hot tip………. always press the seams as you go along and not only on one side but both. It flattens them nicely and makes for easier finishing!!

  3. Sewing things to match other things is one of the best parts of sewing! I can’t wait to see the dress all finished 🙂

  4. How exciting! It will be wonderful to be wearing an outfit you concocted entirely yourself. I’m doubly interested in seeing how it turns out because I have that very same pattern at home to be made up one day.

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