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  • My 2016 OAL Outfit

    Yesterday was the last day of the Outfit Along, and this is what my outfit looked like at the end of the day. Pre-shrinking my fabric and cutting out the pattern pieces was as far as I got with my Hollyburn skirt. Sewing is unfortunately not as portable as knitting, so I couldn’t take my […]

  • Not Done Yet

    There are less than two weeks left of the Outfit Along, and I’m starting to feel the pressure! I’m on the hip shaping of my Zinone, so that’s on track even if it’s not done yet, but my skirt is currently just a big wrinkly piece of uncut fabric. This is the first year where […]

  • My Own Zinone Progress

    When I wrote my last post on tracking progress on Zinone, I was kind of behind, but thanks to the holiday weekend, I got caught up. I spent the weekend sitting around, hanging out with family, and that was the perfect opportunity to get a lot of knitting done. I’m on the last repeat of […]

  • Tracking Your Progress on Zinone

    Because of Zinone’s simple shape, it’s really easy to plan your knitting to hit a deadline. All you need to do is divide the length by the section of time you’re working with. If you’re a steady, consistent knitter, you just need to have half of the length completed by the end of this month […]

  • Zinone Resources

    After years of blogging and many knit alongs, there are some great resources on this blog. If you click the “Useful Posts” tab, you can see a list of them, but here’s a selection that would be particularly helpful for Zinone. It’s a short list because, except for remembering to space out your slipped stitches […]