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After years of blogging and many knit alongs, there are some great resources on this blog. If you click the “Useful Posts” tab, you can see a list of them, but here’s a selection that would be particularly helpful for Zinone. It’s a short list because, except for remembering to space out your slipped stitches and following a slightly more challenging lace pattern, Zinone is a fairly simple knit.

A few knitters have mentioned modifying their Zinone because they couldn’t match the row gauge listed on the pattern. It’s pretty easy because of the simple construction, but I really recommend working through the math in the post I linked to above instead of winging it and measuring as you go. I’m not a fan of measuring as you go for anything precise like a garment because unblocked knitting can lie, and knitting needles can distort the piece. Doing the math will go quickly because there are only a few shaping sections, and it will give you a final result that looks more like the pattern than what you might end up with if you improvise. Plus, it’s good practice, so you can do the same kind of modification confidently on more complicated sweaters.






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