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There are less than two weeks left of the Outfit Along, and I’m starting to feel the pressure! I’m on the hip shaping of my Zinone, so that’s on track even if it’s not done yet, but my skirt is currently just a big wrinkly piece of uncut fabric. This is the first year where I haven’t finished either of my pieces this late in the game. I still think I can get my whole outfit done by the deadline, but it’s going to be a challenge!







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  1. Good luck with this, I’m sure you’ll get it done in time. You obviously are very talented from what I’ve seen on your blog and all the knitting patterns you’ve designed! XxxX

  2. Jaycie

    I’ve got a question for the neckline (I went and did that before continuing with the body on mine & I’m using Lindy Chain from Knit Picks which is 70% linen & 30% cotton)… it’s rolling forward and outward on the bottom front instead of laying flat. I’m not done so I haven’t washed and blocked it yet but I’m worried that won’t be enough to correct it. Any suggestions as to what I could do? I’m making this to wear to my daughter’s wedding on August 6. Thanks!

    1. Knitting your I-cord in the opposite direction of your picked stitches or too loosely could cause rolling, so you may want to double check that you knit it exactly as written or go down a needle size, but I wouldn’t try anything without blocking it first. You might not have any issues and the neckline just hasn’t relaxed yet from it’s pre-edging curl. It’s hard to say without blocking first.

      1. Jaycie

        Thanks Andi, fingers crossed the blocking will be enough!

      2. Jaycie

        Hi Andy, just wanted to give you an update… washing/blocking did the trick! It was down to the wire to get it done in time for the wedding, but it turned out beautifully. Thanks again for the tips, I’ll definitely use this pattern again. 🙂

        1. Wonderful! I’m glad you didn’t have to re-do it when you were working with a deadline.

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