Tracking Your Progress on Zinone

Because of Zinone’s simple shape, it’s really easy to plan your knitting to hit a deadline. All you need to do is divide the length by the section of time you’re working with. If you’re a steady, consistent knitter, you just need to have half of the length completed by the end of this month to get your sweater done in the two months of the OAL. That’s just 1-4 inches past the armhole joining round for almost every size and length pairing.


I’m a little behind on my Zinone because I’ve been working on other projects behind the scenes, but I think I should be able to get to the halfway point by next week! I expect to get my neckline joined tonight, and it will be speedy after that because it’s all stockinette. I still haven’t touched my skirt, but it shouldn’t take long once I get going. How are you doing with your own projects?






2 responses to “Tracking Your Progress on Zinone”

  1. Pauline Moeller

    I’m not doing so well. I trying to “tackle” a lace pattern” and frogging more than knitting. I won’t give up if it takes forever! Also want to thank you for your wonderful patterns.

  2. Katie Lynn

    I joined my third (and final) ball of yarn on my Zinone yesterday on the bus to Detroit for the Tigers game, and then proceeded to knit through several innings. I have about 10″ of body completed, and made sure to do the applied i-cord on the neckline before joining the last ball of yarn so I can just knit until the yarn runs out.

    As for the sewing, I have done exactly zero with that. I haven’t even purchased the notions or the pattern, but that is Next Month Katie’s problem. I figure I can get a skirt done in a few evenings, as opposed to the top which has a much larger time commitment.

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