My 2016 OAL Outfit


Yesterday was the last day of the Outfit Along, and this is what my outfit looked like at the end of the day. Pre-shrinking my fabric and cutting out the pattern pieces was as far as I got with my Hollyburn skirt. Sewing is unfortunately not as portable as knitting, so I couldn’t take my skirt out and about with me like I did my Zinone, and most of my time at home was spent working on the finishing touches of the amazing new issue of Stranded Magazine that’s coming out soon. I should have deliberately scheduled sewing time instead of expecting to have free time to fit it in. Oh, well! Now I know better for next year.


I did finish my Zinone without any trouble. I used Quince & Co. Sparrow once again, and I knit the full length option with a partial lace back, so I could wear it to my part-time office job. It’s not blocked in these photos, so it’s pretty stiff and crinkly and shorter in length than it will be after I send it through the wash and lay it out to dry.


So that’s it for the OAL 2016! Be sure to visit the Untangling Knots group on Ravelry and admire all of the completed outfits in the OAL FO thread.






4 responses to “My 2016 OAL Outfit”

  1. Zinone looks super cute and very wearable, especially with the partial lace back. I’m putting it in my Ravelry queue. Not sure I have time to knit it for this year, but a knitter can dream!

  2. Oh well! I only got as far as purchasing all my materials and patterns and swatching. I’m still excited to eventually finish my outfit. The patterns were so cute this year! Your Zinone looks great, and I’m looking forward to seeing it someday with your Hollyburn skirt.

  3. Regan Coker

    Gorgeous Zinone and gorgeous hair!

  4. Elizabeth Bryant

    Your Zinone is so cute and right-on in fashion! I really love it. Thanks for your great blog.

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