Tag: Britta

  • A Hat for Britta

    I knit hats for my sister for Christmas most years. She has quite the collection, and for this year’s hat, I decided to go with something simple. I chose a super soft, semi solid yarn, and a four-round stitch pattern that I’ve been loving lately. The first round is k1, p1, and the third round […]

  • Crocheted Collar #2

    I’m in the habit of making people gifts and then giving them without ever photographing them. I made my sister this collar for her birthday six months ago. I realized the other day that I never photographed it or blogged about it. I mention it to Britta and she was kind enough to model her […]

  • Yet Another Hat For My Sister

    When I was home for Christmas break, I went and saw the latest Harry Potter movie with my family. My sister, not surprisingly, liked Hermione’s hat in the Godric’s Hollow scenes and asked me to make her a hat like it. She eventually convinced me to make her the hat, despite the fact that I […]

  • A good day for mail

    Today I got a lot of nice yarn-y stuff in the mail. First, I got my Tea Time sample back from Knit Picks. That was a nice surprise because I hadn’t thought it would get returned to me in time to take it to England. Next I got some yarn that I intentionally ordered so […]

  • Spiral Hat

    Do you ever imagine things as being completely awesome and then once you have a tangible version, it just is kind of bleh? That is how I feel about this hat. It was so great in my head and my sketches, but my FO is sort of ugly. The ruffle coming down from the top […]