Yet Another Hat For My Sister

When I was home for Christmas break, I went and saw the latest Harry Potter movie with my family. My sister, not surprisingly, liked Hermione’s hat in the Godric’s Hollow scenes and asked me to make her a hat like it.


She eventually convinced me to make her the hat, despite the fact that I had just finished her green hat. So one day after seeing a different movie (The King’s Speech. Way better than Harry Potter), we went to the LYS and she bought me some yarn. It’s a Cascade 220 heather.


I worked on it away from my computer and I couldn’t remember exactly what the original hat looked like so I swatched a bunch of stitch patterns that I thought might be similar and let my sister pick one. I’ll be honest here. I was watching more movies while I worked on it. I think I watched Tron (the first one) and The Big Lebowski with my sister and Murder By Death with my whole family.


So five movies later, we have a finished hat. Britta picked out Moss stitch (or Double Moss stitch depending on where you’re from). I think the last thing I did with this stitch pattern was Oblique. I forgot how long it takes to get anything done in this stitch! It collapses in on itself from all directions so it takes forever to get any length. The decreases were a bit difficult to make nice looking as well. I think it was worth the hassle, though. It turned out as a good looking hat.







4 responses to “Yet Another Hat For My Sister”

  1. It’s so cute! Movie knits are the best, especially when its mindless moss stitch or something similar 🙂

  2. I went and saw Harry Potter with my knitting friend Amy and in that scene, the first thing we whispered to each other was, “I like Hermione’s hat.”

  3. Very cute! And lovely colour!

  4. Lucky sister!

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