Last FO of 2010

I only had two Christmas presents to knit this year, but I still managed to not get one done in time. I was going to knit Britta her traditional hat, but I ran out of time with end of term essays and stuff. She knew about it so I wrapped the skein of yarn in a box with a note that said “HAT” and stuck it under the tree.


I worked on it while watching holiday movies after she unwrapped it.


I ended up knitting two completely different hats. Version one was way too small. This one turned out small too, but it is wearable. I’m not sure what the deal was. My swatches for both versions say that the hat should be bigger than it is. Maybe the yarn is just cursed.


It turned out pretty cute. I’m quite pleased with how the decreases worked with the cables.







5 responses to “Last FO of 2010”

  1. It’s a very pretty hat! I love that the present consisted of a WP – I’m sure that she appreciated the work that had to go into it. Is this your… sister? Does she also knit?

    1. Yup. This is my sister. She doesn’t knit, but she loves knit hats. I usually make her hang out with me while I work on projects for her if we’re both at our parents’ so she definitely understands the amount work that goes into hand knits. She also will wear any weird hat that I make her. That is always entertaining.

  2. That’s a gorgeous color!

  3. It looks so cute on you! From where I sit, it doesn’t look too small.

    1. That is actually my sister in the photos. I’ll be sure to pass the compliment on, though.

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