Crocheted Collar #2

I’m in the habit of making people gifts and then giving them without ever photographing them. I made my sister this collar for her birthday six months ago. I realized the other day that I never photographed it or blogged about it. I mention it to Britta and she was kind enough to model her collar for my blog.


I made this back in June when I was still in England using Paton’s Linen Touch DK and 5mm hook. I wanted something similar to the first collar  I made, but I needed to streamline the construction. The original collar was made up of individual half circle motifs that were joined together. It involved a lot of pointless finishing work. For Britta’s collar I made the whole thing in one piece. I spaced out some shells so I had room to build on them and make the larger scallops. The end result is a similar looking collar with much less work.


Britta seems pretty happy with it and she wears it a lot. That’s the best indicator of a good gift.







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