My Christmas Sweater So Far


I’m starting to suspect that it won’t be done in time for the holiday.





4 responses to “My Christmas Sweater So Far”

  1. Lisa

    That looks like a really light weight wool! I’m going to attempt my first cardi in the new year, with dk yarn (vintage mint!). I really like your patterns. Can you recommend a good one for a first timer? I’ve made plenty of hats and a few soft toys and scarves so I have the basics sorted. Your advice would be appreciated! Thanks Andi!


  2. Lisa

    Ps. Merry Christmas!

  3. I suspect you’re right. 🙂 My list of things not done in time for the holiday expands every second but I think I do have enough done to enjoy the season. Hope you do too.

    Will you finish your sweater even when the season is over, or just wait for next Christmas?

    1. I think I’ll make it a long term project because waiting until Christmas seems like a bad idea.

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