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  • I Have Two Hands

    It’s been almost a month since I finished the left glove of my pair of lace tea gloves, and I finally got a chance to start the second glove. Between the OAL and some deadline knitting, this poor glove got shoved aside. I always have a window of time where I feel really guilty about […]

  • Tea Gloves in Progress

    One of my favorite things about spring and summer knitting projects is that they’re almost all pretty and frivolous things. This pair of gloves that I’m working on is no exception. These tea gloves will look perfect with my dresses and cardigans when it warms up enough that I don’t have to wear a jacket. There’s […]

  • Turn a Hem

    I finally got to cast on this hat, and I’m just about to turn the hem. Knit hems always seem kind of magical when you work them from the bottom up. You’ve got this ugly, curly knitting, and you just fold it up and knit it closed, and suddenly you have a beautiful hem! Because […]

  • The Perfect WIPs

    In an ideal world, I will always have two projects on my needles. The first is what I call desk knitting and the second is what I call couch knitting. Desk knitting projects are the sort of project that you really need to focus on. I usually work on them at my desk so I […]

  • My Christmas Sweater So Far

    I’m starting to suspect that it won’t be done in time for the holiday.