It’s been almost a month since I finished the left glove of my pair of lace tea gloves, and I finally got a chance to start the second glove. Between the OAL and some deadline knitting, this poor glove got shoved aside. I always have a window of time where I feel really guilty about a work in progress if I’m not regularly working on it, like I’m neglecting my knitting, and that helps me get things done, but if I put it off for too long I lose interest altogether. This little guy was right on the cusp, so I’m glad I picked it up and worked on it this weekend because I now I can’t stop thinking about getting these done!

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  • The yarn for my Myrna arrived today, Can’t wait to get started! Love your outfits this week. Me made May has made me realise how much I love (and depend) on my Miettes, they just work with so many things! Thanks for designing such perfect patterns! Helen x

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