Turn a Hem


I finally got to cast on this hat, and I’m just about to turn the hem. Knit hems always seem kind of magical when you work them from the bottom up. You’ve got this ugly, curly knitting, and you just fold it up and knit it closed, and suddenly you have a beautiful hem! Because I tend to knit cropped sweaters, I don’t often use knit hems because they’re much bulkier than a ribbed edging, and it’s a challenge to make all that extra fabric work at the waist. But on a hat? That’s the perfect place to play with this fun little detail because you end up with an extra layer to keep your ears warm.






2 responses to “Turn a Hem”

  1. Tina

    I love knit hems as I hate to sew. I did one on some fingerless knits that gave it a picot edge, they are my faves. your hat is lovely, very dainty looking with wonderful colors.

  2. I love turned hems because they look so finished. That was one of my favorite details when I my Oranje sweater from Knitty.

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