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  • Julgran – A Christmas Pullover

    Julgran – A Christmas Pullover

    It’s so hard to figure out when the right time is to release a Christmas sweater pattern! I love Halloween and American Thanksgiving, so I don’t like the idea of talking about Christmas stuff before it, but when it comes to knitting, that can be necessary. Now is the ideal time to cast on a […]

  • A Hat for My Roommate

    If you were wondering if I only knit hats as gifts, you’d probably be right. Sometimes I knit other things if there are special requests, but hats are one of those things that I just love knitting. They’re just so fast and portable, and you can get creative with them without much effort. The day […]

  • Charlie for my Mom

    I went to visit my parents in California in November, and while I was there, I took the time to wash and block a few knits, including Fandangle and my blue Charlie. My mom admired both projects and was particularly keen on the yarn I used, Spincycle Dyed in the Wool. I decided to knit […]

  • A Hat for Britta

    I knit hats for my sister for Christmas most years. She has quite the collection, and for this year’s hat, I decided to go with something simple. I chose a super soft, semi solid yarn, and a four-round stitch pattern that I’ve been loving lately. The first round is k1, p1, and the third round […]

  • Christmas Jumper Details

    Let’s get to the knitty gritty of this project! The pattern was The Perfect Christmas Jumper by Susan Crawford, and I knit mine using Quince and Co. Finch on the recommended needle sizes. I ended up using one skein of the white and slightly more than six skeins of red. I was in between the […]