Tag: Christmas Jumper

  • Christmas Jumper Details

    Let’s get to the knitty gritty of this project! The pattern was The Perfect Christmas Jumper by Susan Crawford, and I knit mine using Quince and Co. Finch on the recommended needle sizes. I ended up using one skein of the white and slightly more than six skeins of red. I was in between the […]

  • Merry Christmas!

    I hope you have a wonderful and woolly day!

  • Christmas Sweater Update #7

    I didn’t get my sweater done in time for my knitting group’s Christmas party last Saturday. Although I probably could have seamed up all of my pieces and worn it, my colorwork always looks terrible if I haven’t wet blocked it, and I didn’t want to wear a sweater with sad, wrinkled colorwork on the […]

  • Christmas Sweater Update #6

    I quickly seamed up my three finished sweater pieces on my Christmas sweater, and sadly, my sleeve is too short as I suspected. It’s only maybe half an inch too short to be passable, and two inches shorter than I’d like. I can actually pull it down to a passable length, but then I lose […]

  • Christmas Sweater Update #5

    Speaking of neglected projects… My burgundy cardigan wasn’t the old project I dug out recently. After wrapping up a few projects, I gave my Christmas sweater some much needed attention. According to the schedule I set up for myself, I should have all of the parts knit and just the finishing left to do, but […]