Christmas Sweater Update #5


Speaking of neglected projects… My burgundy cardigan wasn’t the old project I dug out recently. After wrapping up a few projects, I gave my Christmas sweater some much needed attention. According to the schedule I set up for myself, I should have all of the parts knit and just the finishing left to do, but that’s obviously not what happened. I just didn’t have as much for-fun knitting time this summer and fall. Between July and early November, all I knit was the ribbing on my front. Everything else you see, all that colorwork, I did in the last two week.

I’m hoping to finish the front next week and get my three completed pieces blocked and seamed so I can see if the sleeve is long enough. I discovered that I wouldn’t have enough yarn for the second sleeve, so I ended up ordering more, which means that I will definitely have enough yarn if I end up needing to lengthen the sleeves. I’d like to have the whole sweater finished in time for my knitting group’s holiday party mid-December, but I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be able to make that happen. I will definitely have it done in time for Christmas, though! I’m determined to get it done.





5 responses to “Christmas Sweater Update #5”

  1. Tammy

    That is just beautiful, is that your own pattern??

  2. Sonja Loyd

    So pretty! I just love the design!

  3. There it is! Lookin’ good! I think you’ll get it done in time. 🙂

  4. You know, I found myself thinking about your Christmas sweater the other day, and was wondering how it was going. Sorry to hear that you fell behind on it, but it’s looking lovely so far and I’ll bet you’ll have no problem knocking it off before Christmas!

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