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I finished knitting this guy before I finished the hat I made for my sister, but I didn’t get the buttons sewn on until a week later. I’ve been calling it Agatha (after Agatha Christie of course) on Ravelry, so lets go with that as its name from now on instead of “that other one”.


I actually sketched this and bought yarn for it last January or December. I was going to knit it before Miette #1, but there was a weird warm spell in WA around that time and I wanted to knit something more summery. That probably was a good thing because I don’t think I quite had the skills at the time to make the cardigan turn out as well as it did.


I had a sort of weird idea behind the sweater. I really like the look of aran sweaters, but I don’t wear pull overs that often and just the idea of wearing worsted weight cables makes me sweat. I wanted to make a cardigan that had the texture and panels of a cabled sweater but using lace. I’m not sure if the concept behind the sweater comes through, but I like how it came out so it doesn’t matter much. In case you were wondering, the length has nothing to do with the cabled thing. I just prefer cropped sweaters with my dresses.

The buttons are vintage from Etsy from an awesome seller that has retired. I originally bought them to go on Miette #2, but I changed my mind when I saw how perfect they looked with this yarn. (I know you can’t really see them in the pictures. I was in a rush when I took the photos and didn’t take a big variety of shots. I was on my way to see True Grit for the second time.) I used barely 5 skeins of Cascade 220 on 4.5 mm needles. I picked the colorway out because it matches a pair of shoes that I like. I wandered around my LYS carrying the shoes until I found yarn that matched.







19 responses to “Done Done Done”

  1. I absolutely love how this cardigan turned out!

  2. It looks great on you and I love the color!

  3. It looks lovely! I completely agree with the cables/sweat thing. This is a great compromise between the two.

  4. Oh wow, it turned out so beautifully. I love it. The cropped length is very flattering for you!

  5. Looks awesome! I loved how you styled it.

  6. Tanya

    This is so lovely. Please please please write up the pattern, I would definitely buy it!

  7. I just love this cardigan! Its so pretty and lovely and looks beautiful! Right now I’m knitting a Miette cardigan and if you write up a pattern for this one I know I’ll have to knit it as well! 😀

  8. It’s a beautiful sweater! The fit is perfect on you.

  9. It looks very, very good on you! Love that plaid shirt too 😀

  10. It looks fantastic!

  11. It’s so pretty!! you look gorgeous in it.

  12. Love! When will the pattern be available?

    1. I’m not entirely positive that it is going to be available. Because the construction isn’t super straight forward like a raglan or hat, I’m going to have to hire a legit tech editor instead of just getting someone who is good at math to look over my numbers. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to afford it any time soon.

  13. Gorgeous! Love the color and style. I bet it would look rockin’ with high-waisted skirts or pants too…

  14. This is amazing!! I love the color! Please add this to my linky party!

  15. It is very pretty! I love the lacy “cables”.

  16. The cables->lace translation is very clear. This sweater looks lovely.

  17. Gorgeous as always!

  18. Very pretty! I love the color, great choice.

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