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  • Nosegay Vest

    It’s been a month since I finished my Nosegay Vest for the Nosegay Vest KAL, but that’s how long it took me to get the thing blocked and photographed. I drag my projects around everywhere, so a proper wash and block is always necessary before I like to wear a FO. I knit the pattern […]

  • My Nosegay Progress + Meet Tina

    My Nosegay Progress + Meet Tina

    When I put together my WIP blog posts, I like to do them at the last minute so you can really see where I’m at in a project when I post. The downside to doing it this way is that if anything doesn’t go as planned, I sometimes I run out of time to finish […]

  • How Many Balls?

    One of the questions that came up after my last intarsia post was how many little balls or bobbins did I use for each color for the Nosegay Vest? That’s not something I really keep track of, but I had a swatch of an earlier version of the chart where I never trimmed my yarn […]

  • Nosegay’s Back

    Nosegay’s Back

    I had been planning on knitting the front of my Nosegay vest first, but I was speeding along on it, and I think I might have passed the point where the back and front become different. I decided to just go with it, because I’ve been loving having such a plain project to work on. […]

  • What is Intarsia?

    What is Intarsia?

    Intarsia is a colorwork technique for creating stand-alone blocks of color. Each block of color uses a separate little ball of yarn, and the different yarns are twisted together at every color change so the color blocks are interconnected. When working at a certain angles, the yarns don’t have to be twisted to be joined, […]