Nosegay’s Back

I had been planning on knitting the front of my Nosegay vest first, but I was speeding along on it, and I think I might have passed the point where the back and front become different.


I decided to just go with it, because I’ve been loving having such a plain project to work on. Things have been really busy around here. I’m working on a lot of projects– among other things, I recently had an article in Pom Pom and am working on my classes that I will be teaching at Knit Fit— and on top of that, I’m moving this month! Plain stockinette feels like a bit of a relaxing treat right now.

P.S. Don’t forget to share your Nosegay WIP using the #nosegayvestkal tag on Instagram and Twitter.





3 responses to “Nosegay’s Back”

  1. Daphne

    I have been knitting a top that requires knitting stockinette stitch on circular needles for a large portion of the pattern. It is so relaxing I am sorely tempted to cast on a sweater pattern that is mostly stockinette stitch on circular needles next.

  2. Elaine in Chicago

    I really enjoyed your article in PomPom and can see with a lot of practice some of the tools can be put away. However, even though I’ve been knitting for many years I still can’t take my eyes off my knitting to watch tv or do anything else. How did you train yourself to do this?!!

    Your patterns are great and I have several of them in my queue. Love the bright colors too!

    1. Practice! This blog post and video cover a lot of it.

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