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  • Casting on Nosegay + the Alternate Cabled CO

    Casting on Nosegay + the Alternate Cabled CO

    The Nosegay KAL starts today, which means it’s time to cast on your stitches! Because Nosgay is worked from the bottom up, a stretchy CO method is needed. For a lot of people, the long-tail cast-on method will be stretchy enough, but there are tons of other options. You could also use a tubular cast-on…

  • Choosing Yarn For Intarsia

    Choosing Yarn For Intarsia

    When it comes to knitting intarsia, there’s nothing about the technique that requires you to use a specific type of yarn. Long before I even knew what intarsia was called, I knit an intarsia project using chenille yarn, and it didn’t explode in my face. That said, some yarns are easier to work with than…