My Nosegay Progress + Meet Tina

When I put together my WIP blog posts, I like to do them at the last minute so you can really see where I’m at in a project when I post. The downside to doing it this way is that if anything doesn’t go as planned, I sometimes I run out of time to finish the post before I have to be somewhere else! That’s what happened to me yesterday.




I laid out my knitting in a sunny spot on the rug, and my aunt and uncle’s dog Tina came diving in to curl up on the scarf I use as a backdrop. She was so cute that I couldn’t just push her out of the way. I had to take a few pictures and then give her some cuddles.


As she got up to get out of my way, she darted back and grabbed my ball of yarn to scamper off back to her bed with her. She didn’t chew on it or lick it; she just stuck her nose deep in the ball to sniff it. Clearly she can appreciate a good woolly yarn.


Anyway, here’s where I’m at on my back today. I’ve got about a dozen rows left before I bind off. We’re just slightly over the halfway point for the Nosegay Vest KAL, so I have a little catching up to do, but I also should have more knitting time soon, and I’m not worried about not getting it done in time.





3 responses to “My Nosegay Progress + Meet Tina”

  1. Mariew

    Very cute doggy, what a beautiful face! They love the smell of yarn!

  2. Elaine in Chicago

    Who could resist a Pupper like Tina? She has great taste!!

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