• Tubular Bind Off

    The Tubular Bind Off is pretty much identical to the Tubular Cast On, so it wasn’t surprising that I had similar problems with it. My 2 inch swatch stretched to 4.5 inches, but it didn’t snap back. That’s an obnoxious feature of the Tubular BO, but it does have its perks. It is a very […]

  • EZ’s Sewn Bind Off

    When I got around to EZ’s Sewn Bind Off, all of my EZ books suddenly vanished. A quick internet search pulled up some instructions that I followed, but I’m not positive that they were correct. My swatch looks weird, but I’ve never used this BO before so this might just be how it looks. I’ve […]

  • Decrease Bind Off

    I keep looking at my swatch for the Decrease Bind Off and wondering if I did it wrong. It just looks weird to me. It’s pretty in two colors but very weird. The Decrease Bind Off was easy to work and I kind of like the way it looks from the front, but this BO […]

  • Two Row Bind Off

    In doing this project I’ve become increasingly suspicious of so called stretchy BO methods that insist you work loosely. The Two Row Bind Off is yet another stretchy BO to be worked loosely that isn’t particularly stretchy. My 2 inch swatch barely stretched to 3 inches. When I read how the Two Row Bind Off […]

  • Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off

    Unlike the last BO I tried, Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off is in fact stretchy. My 2 inch swatch stretch to 6 inches along to BO edge which is extremely impressive. From the bottom it looks just like the Chain BO. It looks like a tidy row of knit stitches or a crocheted chain. It’s […]