Unlike the last BO I tried, Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off is in fact stretchy. My 2 inch swatch stretch to 6 inches along to BO edge which is extremely impressive.


From the bottom it looks just like the Chain BO. It looks like a tidy row of knit stitches or a crocheted chain. It’s pretty from this angle and functional.


The view from the front is where this bind off method struggles. It creates loops around all the stitches which makes a sort of lumpy line. The loops tighten when the edge is stretched so they’re less noticeable, but I would never use this bind off for something like a neckline or button bands. It’s just not pretty enough. That said, I’ve used it for the bottom of sweaters and sleeves and probably will use it again. I think it looks nice with a sweater that has a lot of reverse stockinette because the little loops around the stitches look like design features and not like sad lumps. It’s not good for everything, but it’s not a bad stretchy BO method.


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