EZ’s Sewn Bind Off

When I got around to EZ’s Sewn Bind Off, all of my EZ books suddenly vanished. A quick internet search pulled up some instructions that I followed, but I’m not positive that they were correct. My swatch looks weird, but I’ve never used this BO before so this might just be how it looks. I’ve read that it’s supposed to match the Long Tail Cast On, but my swatch only matches that if I look at it cross eyes.


The BO was fiddly to work like most sewn BOs. I had a difficult time figuring out how tightly/loosely I should adjust my sewn stitches because there wasn’t a point of reference for me like with the Tubular BO, but overall it was easier than the Tubular Bo. It does lose points for being kind of ugly if this is how it’s supposed to look.


My 2 inch swatch stretches 5.5 inches, but it doesn’t snap back down. You have to tug at the edge and reshape it yourself. That always annoys me.






3 responses to “EZ’s Sewn Bind Off”

  1. Yours looks right to me (unless mine was also incorrect) and I’m not a huge fan of its appearance, either. To me it looks a little like the wrong side of long-tail, and I think it looks better on a non-ribbed edge.

  2. It’s great that you are doing all these bind-offs, it’s so helpful to be able to compare them and get someone’s opinion of them too.

  3. bluenut

    As I understand it, there are two Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn bind offs, the one that is most prevalently called her ‘Sewn Bind off’ and does not, in fact, match the long tail cast on, but does look good with Garter stitch. I think that’s what you’ve done. The other one is called ‘outline stitch’, which does, when worked backwards (right to left) match long tail cast on, though it sometimes needs a bit of blocking to look as neat as the cast on edge.

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