Tag: Hetty KAL

  • Done With No Time to Spare

    I just barely got my sweater done in time for the end of the Hetty KAL. I finished attaching buttons and snapped this picture a few minutes ago. It’s a bit lumpy-bumpy because I haven’t had a chance to block it yet, so I’ll do a proper post on this sweater once it’s been blocked, […]

  • The Start of a Sleeve

    There’s a week left of the Hetty KAL, and I’ve got a sleeve and a half and button bands left to knit. I have a feeling that I’ll get this done just barely in time for the end of KAL, but it probably won’t be blocked. I know I’ve been complaining about how gloomy this […]

  • In Which I Can’t Follow My Own Pattern

    I reached the bottom band on my second Hetty at my knitting group the other day, and I found myself a little confused about why I was ending at a different point in the repeat than on my first one. I double checked the pattern a million times, and eventually I decided to just put […]

  • Ready for the Underarms!

    I just finished the fronts, and I’m ready to cast on the underarm stitches on my Hetty. I’ve been working on this cardigan in my free time, even though I’ve been really tempted to cast on something with the yellow yarn I recently bought. Seattle’s iconic gloom has completely returned, and I’m itching to knit […]

  • Hetty’s Upper Back

    I’ve got my upper back done on my second Hetty! Next up, I need to pick up stitches on the fronts. I’m really taking my time with this sweater because it’s not my highest priority, and I’ve only been squeezing in a few rows here and there, but that adds up! I have a bit […]