Done With No Time to Spare


I just barely got my sweater done in time for the end of the Hetty KAL. I finished attaching buttons and snapped this picture a few minutes ago. It’s a bit lumpy-bumpy because I haven’t had a chance to block it yet, so I’ll do a proper post on this sweater once it’s been blocked, but I’m so happy to be done! The sweater is going to be a good wardrobe staple, and I’m really happy with it. If you participated in the KAL, be sure to add a photo of your finished cardigan to the Hetty KAL FO thread on Ravelry!






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  1. Kirsten Hinkle

    Andi. I remember when you just weren’t sure about the color or even why you were drawn to it but I think I’s one of the best. It’s a great transition color and would look great with your great colorful dress but just as well with jeans curled up reading. I really like the open work which makes it warm but not to so. That means a lot when ya come in from a brisk morning into a warm house or room. As usual you look great:)!

    What’s next? Ohhhh I can hardly wait!

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