There’s a week left of the Hetty KAL, and I’ve got a sleeve and a half and button bands left to knit. I have a feeling that I’ll get this done just barely in time for the end of KAL, but it probably won’t be blocked.


I know I’ve been complaining about how gloomy this yarn is, but seeing it with a brightly colored dress like this one is a reminder that it was a good choice. In real life, you can just see flashes of color through the eyelets, and I really like the look.


  • Andi that looks fabulous! It would complement and tone down any loud colours and give a distinguished look to something plain! I just love it!
    Can’t wait to see the finished article!

  • I have 1/2 of a sleeve to go on my Hetty and I need to get to it. That black looks so great with that bright dress. It really does make it pop.

  • Andi, It looks great! You can never go wrong with classic…Black…Dark Grey….Dark Mid-Night Blue. They really do make the brights pop! You’ve really inspired me. I wish I could feel as confident as you are. You have really tagged what looks great on you and how to make it work with accessories.
    Just wish I really knew what type I was besides short and straight ! LOL:) I’ll be waiting for the news as always.

  • That dress is so flattering! I love your multitude of brightly colored dresses and sweaters; they always make knitting seem so high fashion!

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