Tag: Food

  • Dinner Last Night

    One big change about going to Lancaster Uni is having to cook for myself. I realize that sounds quite silly, but I lived in student housing at Puget Sound and we didn’t have proper kitchens. I ate in the dining hall. I had a night to cook when I was younger, but I pretty much…

  • Summer Treats

    fresh berries and peaches over vanilla ice cream

  • No Food in the House

    I went to make myself dinner last night and there was NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE. I should have realized that because I made the same discovery when I went to make myself lunch earlier that day. What does one eat when there is almost no food in the house? Scrambled eggs with fresh rosemary…

  • Loquats

    Our cherry tree is producing like mad so my mom bought some cherries over to our neighbors. They also have a fruit tree that is ready for the picking. My mom brought over a handful of the fruit and then we looked it up on Wikipedia to find out what exactly a loquat is. I…

  • Last Night’s Dinner

    Blackberries. Roasted vegetables with yogurt. I’ve got Yukon gold potatoes, zucchini, garlic, and onion in there. Nom.