I went to make myself dinner last night and there was NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE. I should have realized that because I made the same discovery when I went to make myself lunch earlier that day.


What does one eat when there is almost no food in the house? Scrambled eggs with fresh rosemary and thyme (we have a little herb garden) on sourdough toast (that stale bread in the back of the fridge) with laughing cow cheese spread on it. With the some-what-stale bread in the back, I found a bottle of my favorite ginger beer that I had been saving. It turned out to be a pretty decent dinner.

Today my sister and I hit the grocery store and bought EVERYTHING.

P.S. The secret to the best scrambled eggs is to plate them when they look like they need to cook for a few seconds more. They continue cooking on your plate so they’re perfect when you eat them.


  • ok, now I'm craving that for breakfast (I might have to sub coffee for ginger beer though!). Great blog, you're adorable and your posts are so interesting! I can't wait to come back again! xx

  • ugh I never have food in the house either! And no money to buy groceries or eat out! But it does force you to be creative…either that, or starve…. : hah

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