Our cherry tree is producing like mad so my mom bought some cherries over to our neighbors. They also have a fruit tree that is ready for the picking. My mom brought over a handful of the fruit and then we looked it up on Wikipedia to find out what exactly a loquat is. I thought it was going to be similar to a kumquat or a hybrid or something. It wasn’t.


They have a texture kind of like a cross between a cherry and an apricot. Inside they have three or four big seeds that have to be removed. They’re sweet and delicious. My neighbors don’t like them and I think they’re crazy. I can sort of understand. They’re really small and a bit of work for not a lot of fruit but I think they’re well worth it.

You can read more about them here and I highly recommend eating them if you can find them!


  • aww that sounds like you had fun playing pioneer games with your sister. I wish I had someone to play such a game with!! Unfortunately though, I was my own playmate. My brothers were far too old and uninterested in little kid stuff! Plus I had no friends which didn't help! oh well! Thanks so much for the comment. COngratulations on the fruits that are growing on your tree!!

  • One of my neighbors when I was growing up had a loquat tree.. I love them! I haven't been able to find any since I moved away 🙁

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