Tag: Bean

  • Dog Friends

    Every time I go outside to take blog pictures, I end up snapping a few of Bean and Britta’s dog, Bjorn. They’re too cute. I think Bjorn likes having a dog friend around, but Bean isn’t settling in to Seattle as well as I had hoped. She’s gotten pretty unfriendly around to new people and…

  • Carefree

    These are some more old pictures that I found while making room on my memory card. Finals are approaching, I’m starting to develop a pile of papers that need to be written, and then there’s graduation. It’s a little overwhelming. I wish I could be as carefree as Bean is in these pictures.

  • How to Dig Like a Corgi

    I was making space on the memory card for my camera when I found these pictures of Bean digging. I had completely forgotten about them, but they made me crack up when I started looking at them more closely. She tries to follow gopher holes around my parents’ back yard. Sometimes you can find her…

  • Fat Dog

    I finished my Audrey in Unst and it’s blocking. I’m playing around with this swatch right now, but there’s nothing too exciting to show yet so today seemed like a good day for a bunch of pictures of Bean. I took these pictures of her when I was visiting my parents in October. Bean looooves…

  • Fat dog on Film

    Whenever I had one last shot on a roll of film this summer, I would snap picture of Bean thinking that I would then get the roll developed promptly (ha!). She’s photogenic even when she is wet and muddy from playing in her dog pool. I wish I could have her with me at school.