Tag: Bean

  • My Oldest Bamboo Needles

    I’ve recently knit a few super bulky projects which means that I’ve been using the oldest pair of bamboo needles that I own. I love these needles. They’re full of memories and tiny teeth marks. Before I got these, I always used cheap metal needles, but it’s hard to find inexpensive metal needles in larger […]

  • Bean and Bjorn

    I was digging around looking for some old knitting pictures when I found a bunch of pictures of Bjorn and Bean last summer! I miss having these cute pups to cuddle with all the time, but I’m going to visit my parents and my sister later this month, and I’ll get some dog time!

  • Dogs, dogs, dogs!

    I’ve had it pointed out to me that I haven’t done a dog post in a while. Those comments were well timed because I went to visit my parents recently, and I’m happily able to put one together! It’s been a long time since I posted about the dogs so I’ll give them a brief […]

  • Marion – A New Cardigan Pattern

    It took me a while to finish this pattern, but I’m okay with that. Since I bought the yarn for this, I graduated college, found my job, released a few other patterns, and properly settled in to life in Seattle. Not too shabby, right? I originally knit this to wear during Seattle’s cool summer weather, […]

  • Back to California for Bean

    When my parents brought up some of my things from California, they also picked up Bean to take her back home with them. I mentioned awhile back that she wasn’t settling in well, and she still hadn’t when it came time for me to move. I can’t really blame her. If you were a dog […]