How to Dig Like a Corgi


I was making space on the memory card for my camera when I found these pictures of Bean digging. I had completely forgotten about them, but they made me crack up when I started looking at them more closely. She tries to follow gopher holes around my parents’ back yard. Sometimes you can find her with her face stuffed down a hole. She tries to follow the path of the gopher hole or whatever it is that has dug a tunnel underground.




If she can’t dig through the root-bound soil with her stubby little paws, she bites out a big chunk of grass, dirt, and roots. She’ll keep doing that until she can dig with her paws again. It’s both gross and hilarious because she always looks so disgusted by the taste and never succeeds in catching any critters. Silly dog.








7 responses to “How to Dig Like a Corgi”

  1. Amy

    Your Corgi looks too cute doing that, our Shih-tzu looks just wrong digging giant holes in the grass…

  2. Ahaha! Aww, Bean looks so adorable! My mom’s Boxer has been doing the same lately. Oh dogs, such silly creatures.

  3. She is such a cutie!

  4. So cute! My friends dog will actually pull the moles out of their holes but then she freaks out because she doesn’t know what to do with it. It’s pretty funny.

  5. Aww your dog is so cute! Corgi’s are cool – at least the Queen thinks so! xx

  6. This is so cute, your corgi is just adorable. I am also a college student in my twenties and a huge dog lover. Do you feel like it’s difficult to find time in college to take care of your dog or do you have someone else who helps you take care of him?

    1. She actually lives with my parents when I’m at school. I live in student housing and pets aren’t allowed.

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