Fat Dog

I finished my Audrey in Unst and it’s blocking. I’m playing around with this swatch right now, but there’s nothing too exciting to show yet so today seemed like a good day for a bunch of pictures of Bean.



I took these pictures of her when I was visiting my parents in October. Bean looooves how much attention she gets when I’m home.







8 responses to “Fat Dog”

  1. Ahhh, she is too cute! I will never grow tired of dog pictures!

  2. You finished it! Whoop whoop! gotta love a dog!

  3. Yay for finishing!!

    and a little *scritch scritch* for Bean.

  4. I still love that Bean’s name is Bean. How did your dog get that name? (It makes me think of Mr. Bean, but I imagine the story might be a bit different.)

    1. Andi

      She was the runt of her little and looked like a little coffee bean so I named her that.

  5. awww beautiful pictures of a beautiful dog!

  6. Cuteness. Especially LOVE the gif!!

  7. Cuteness. Especially LOVE the gif!!

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