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  • The Slow and Steady Sweater Vest

    The Slow and Steady Sweater Vest

    Last weekend we had the perfect weather for sitting in the shade, listening to music, and knitting, and I made some real progress on my 1940s sweater vest project. It helped that I was at the point where I just needed to knit straight for the shoulder, but progress is progress! Yesterday I bound off, […]

  • The Back Is Done

    It’s very staisfying to have the back of my vest done and to be started on the front. As I mentioned before, I’m doing a bit of a vest knit along with some of my friends, and although a KAL is not a competition, I really don’t want to be the last one finished. It’s […]

  • My Poor Neglected Sweater Vest

    I’m doing a lazy vest knit-along with some of my local friends, and I’m so far behind! One of my friends is almost done with her vest, and I’m only halfway through my back! This project is my portable knitting, and I keep it in my purse so I can work on it on the […]

  • Miles of Ribbing

    I know a lot of knitters hate working 1×1 ribbing, but I just love it. I find the back-and-forth rhythm of switching between knits and purls to be really pleasant, and the neatly organized columns of stitches allow me to speed through it without having to keep a close eye on my work. I’ve been […]

  • A New Back-Burner Project

    Back in December, I went to Imitation Game with a group of my friends, and our favorite thing about the movie was the knits, more specifically the sweater vests. We decided that we should all knit our own sweater vests, but I didn’t quite know what to knit. Colorwork? Texture? Vintage? My own design? Then […]