My Poor Neglected Sweater Vest


I’m doing a lazy vest knit-along with some of my local friends, and I’m so far behind! One of my friends is almost done with her vest, and I’m only halfway through my back! This project is my portable knitting, and I keep it in my purse so I can work on it on the bus, but that’s been pretty much the only time when I work on it. I rarely think to pull it out when I’m knitting at home. That might need to change if I want to finish anytime soon! I’ve only knit four repeats of the main stitch pattern since I last blogged about this project in March, and at that rate, I won’t get my vest done until next winter. We’re just starting to have the perfect weather for sweater vests, so I think it’s time to really give this some attention.





One response to “My Poor Neglected Sweater Vest”

  1. Pretty pattern and colour. Keep on giving it attention. Doro

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