The Back Is Done


It’s very staisfying to have the back of my vest done and to be started on the front. As I mentioned before, I’m doing a bit of a vest knit along with some of my friends, and although a KAL is not a competition, I really don’t want to be the last one finished. It’s silly, but there it is. One of my friends picked a worsted weight sweater vest to knit, and unsurprisingly, she’s all done with hers, and that made me determined to get my back done. After knitting that, the front feels like it’s going pretty quickly, but I haven’t started the shaping yet. The shaping is what slows me down the most. It’s done every 6 rows and the stitch pattern is 10 rows long so I have to keep checking where I’m at with the increases because it’s not in the same place every time in relation to the reverse stockinette ridge.





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