The Slow and Steady Sweater Vest

Last weekend we had the perfect weather for sitting in the shade, listening to music, and knitting, and I made some real progress on my 1940s sweater vest project. It helped that I was at the point where I just needed to knit straight for the shoulder, but progress is progress! Yesterday I bound off, and the left front is done. I already finished the back, so now I just need to do the right front and edgings. In case you forgot because I started this project months ago, the pattern is A Knitt Waistcoat from Volume 1 of A Stitch in Time, and the yarn is a nice, crunchy, Shetland 4-ply.





2 responses to “The Slow and Steady Sweater Vest”

  1. What a gorgeous colour! Look forward to seeing how it turns out! xx

  2. Beautiful stitches, beautiful pattern, beautiful colour! 😀

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