New Pattern: Zinone

My new top pattern is the official Outfit Along pattern this year, but there’s so much going on with this pattern that it deserves a post of its own.


Zinone is a seamless, top-down, loose summer top. The pattern gives you a few options, and there are four potential variations. You can do a partial lace back or a full lace back, and you can choose between a cropped length and a full, mid-hip length. The instructions work so that you can mix lengths and back styles easily, so you can choose the combination you love best. The coral sample uses the partial lace back and full length options, and the blue sample shows the full lace back and cropped options in the same size.


The top is designed to fit with some positive ease and has a loose fit, but the pattern features some shaping so it hangs nicely. The shaping is conveniently placed so it will never interfere with the lace pattern, even if you opt for the full lace back, which keeps things from getting too complicated. A slipped stitch edging on the sleeves and an i-cord bind-off at the neckline finishes things off neatly.


The recommended yarn in Quince & Co. Sparrow, which is a fingering weight linen yarn. Knit on 3.75 mm/US 5 knitting needles, it creates a nice, light, sheer fabric that’s perfect for summer weather. It’s also easy to wash and care for, because linen yarn behaves much like linen fabric. The more you wash and wear it, the softer and more beautiful it gets.


Zinone comes in seven sizes, XS to 3X, and it’s available for 20% off when you checkout on Ravelry using the coupon code OAL2016 until June 1st when the OAL starts.





15 responses to “New Pattern: Zinone”

  1. I love it! Thanks for the coupon code!

  2. Beth

    Thank you!!
    Sometimes I think you read my wish list
    Exactly what I’ve been looking for to complete my spring/summer wardrobe
    Do you think it would work up just as well in a 4ply wool for autumn when I need just a little more warmth?

    1. I’d use something like a wool and silk blend rather than 100% wool so it drapes a little more nicely, like the linen.

      1. Beth

        Thank you 😀

  3. This is adorable! I especially love the partial lace back version. So now I guess I have to learn how to knit 😉

  4. Susan

    Beautiful sweater! Would it be difficult to lengthen the sleeves a bit?

    1. Yes, the sleeves are tied into the bust measurement, so it will be difficult to change their length.

  5. This is beautiful! I’ve been meaning to make more stuff for myself and less for others 😉
    Thank yoy for the coupon code!C

  6. What perfect timing, I’ve just reached the point where I’m wondering what to knit next that is summer and work friendly and this pattern is gorgeous! It’ll be my first time in an OAL, I can’t wait! Thanks Andy for such a gorgeous and summer-wearable design!

  7. Francesca

    Very cute! A little 50s and what’s more, a real summer knit – I go into tilt when I see short sleeved tops and tanks in anything except linen or very fine cotton – not in my hot and sticky summer!

    1. It’s easy for designers to forget that knitters don’t all live in cool places! Wool in the summer is pretty reasonable here in Seattle if we’re not having a heat wave.

  8. Dores

    Hi Andi, have purchased pattern and have started garment and would like for special friends birthday party.
    I have finished the first upper lace section to now put on spare needle about to start left front.
    just have a question.
    As i am using exactly the same yarn and needle size as stated, my measurements only come to 6.5″ for armhole, my size say should be 9″ according to your pattern. is this because the lace has not been blocked or should i be knitting more than 63 rows. plse advise. thanks.

    1. Did you match the pattern’s listed gauge? Using the same yarn and needles isn’t a guarantee that you’ll match the required gauge because knitting technique is also a factor, and if your gauge has more rows per inch than required, your armhole won’t be deep enough.

      If you haven’t knit a swatch and checked your gauge, I’d suggest putting your project on hold, knitting a 5 x 5 inch swatch, washing and blocking it, and measuring your gauge. You may need to modify your top to match a slightly different gauge if your row gauge doesn’t change after blocking. If it does change to match the listed gauge, your armholes should end up the right size after blocking.

  9. Kiran

    Does the suggested yarn amount take the swatch into account? (I’m trying to decide whether I should bind off and wash my swatch, or leave it attached to frog, since I bought juuuust enough for the pattern. I only have about 32 yards of surplus!)

    1. You should have enough yarn, and you should always wash and block your swatch like you will your final project. It’s not an accurate swatch if you skip that step.

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